The Extraordinary Adventures of Max

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another new sausage flavor

one day Berine and norman saw a srike dogs didn’t buy there sausages so then put a tent saying b and ns hen yum yums they put some chicken food grass and corn and wheat into the flour based casing then they rolled it up and sold it fist came sqack who ate a sausage with 50 doganto thats hen mount by the end of the day they were rich and the hens were fat

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hennies lazy day

one Day very elry in the mourning Hennie woke up and awesome of the grass and plants in the yard then came flovells who was just starting to lay eggs then came the leggy eggy sisters who were both leghorn who siade no moire attacks on floveels ok flovvveles said ok  heny was very happy it was tax day and most of the taxs went to her she didn’t evan have and other taxa other than the eegan tax which was a tax on eggs it was almost bedtime so heny went on her perch and went to bed the end

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One day a little boy and girl went for a walk with their small friends, Hennie, Squawk and Bernie.  Hennie and Squack were really slow and Bernie was getting angry at how slow they were.  The little boy and girl told Bernie to be patient as the Hennie’s and squawk’s leg were really short.  Bernie, in a fit of rage and anger went after Hennie and Squawk.  He grabbed both of them by his mouth and flipped them high into the air.  Surprisingly, Hennie and Squawk landed right onto the back of Bernie.  Apparently Bernie, upset at how slow Hennie and Squawk were walking, decided that she would just carry them on her back.  The little boy and girl realized that Bernie was attacking Hennie and Squawk, but rather she was putting them her back to carry them.

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heny and the chickens amazing underworld adveter

one day heny said hey hens grab the stuff and go they went in the hen mobile till they got to Boston a basket ball player whispered something in henys ear hole and gave him  the stuff then over came big papi who said I need a video you now what to give me then over came Bernie and she said treat heny gave her a treat then came Bernie sanders who said give me a video you now what to give me and also then Bernie whispered something in hen y earhole and she said all get you ever thing the end

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Bernie and Norman go to camp green lake

one day Bernie and Norman saw a big black bus out came a mean looking man with a gun get in you pups you have been growing mushrooms with out a gardening license and you have been stealing food from restaurants and store also you farted in public and thats illegal so you too get on this here bus he said when the bus pulled up to the destination out came a woman with a cowboy hat saying to them group 8 so they went to group 8 were a person gave them brown jumpsuits a hat and a dog pack with an automatic  shovel controlled by there hats which were electric and read brain signals in it so the man said get digging if you see anything interesting the wander will give you the day off then a truck came the man said have some food and water then they kept diging till berine whimpered in aggney they stayed there for a year the end

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The end of cofandece connection part one

one day Bernie and Norman were walking near were cofandece connection was but when they saw the door it didn’t say cofancence connection it  sated aba behavior solutions Bernie and norman herd max talking to some one but they new that max did not go to confidence connection any more so they ran in and went in the room were they herd max and came in the woman said she did not like dogs so she pushed the dogs out then they called the swat team then they came in and aresssted the person the end


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