The Extraordinary Adventures of Max

Bernie goes to Social Group

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One day, Bernie had major problems. She chewed up the couch and bit people.  So, Max decided she needed to go to Social Group. When Bernie got there, she sat under one of the chairs because she was afraid. Max walked her in and Bernie started to bark at the kids and the teacher. Max did not feel very good. Bernie was in the Thursday group with other younger children. Bernie wanted to talk the children but they didn’t respond to her because she was speaking dog.

In the blink of an eye, the teacher, named Emily said, “Time for Social Group!” Bernie started to bark again, she felt angry that social group had started, she wanted to go back home. When Emily started to work, Bernie started to bark for her bone. She thought that social group was boring, but she didn’t know that social group could be fun!

Emily had an idea to calm Bernie down. Her idea was to go into the gym and play. Bernie had fun in the gym! Before she knew it, gym time was over and Emily told Bernie to get in line and Bernie didn’t. She did not want to leave the gym! Emily said, “It’s almost time for snack!” and Bernie listened. She said, “Bark Bark!” and she started to pant.

Then, at snack, Bernie wanted dog food. Unfortunately, they did not have dog food there! She didn’t eat anything and she felt starving! Then, they started to do work. Bernie didn’t participate and she barked. Emily felt angry! So, Bernie was sent to Eve’s office and they tried to stop her from barking. They tried everything to get her to calm down, not even a video worked! Finally, a Dogs 101 video worked.

The good news, it only took ten minutes to calm down and she went back to work.  Before she knew it, it was time to go home! Bernie was so happy to see Max. Whenever Bernie goes to social group, she tries to bark to get out of work, and it doesn’t work.



One thought on “Bernie goes to Social Group

  1. Keep up the great work Max!! I loved your stories especially Bernie selling snacks in NYC !! I read it Norman and his ears perked up when I mentioned Bernie and your name!!! Love Uncle Adam

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