The Extraordinary Adventures of Max

Bernie’s Hot Dog Stand

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One day Bernie ate a dog sausage and she liked them so much she decided to sell them and she made a small stand in New York City. She called the stand,” Hot Dog 670.” The 670 stood for how many types of dog sausages she made. She made a variety of different flavors. Some of the flavors are: pineapple, eggplant, milk bone, dog food, tomato, steak, barbecue, cheese hot chili pepper garlic salt and chili. The most popular one was Barbecue Steak!

Bernie thought that changing the recipe would be good and more flavorful for the dogs. First, she added some pork, chicken and beef. Then, Bernie added artificial flavors, she got meat from old hamburgers. The barbecue sauce was made mostly of sugar and Worcestershire sauce. A group of scientists studied Bernie’ sausages and discovered that her brand was lying. She said they were made of 100% pure, organic meat. They discovered her sausages were mainly just hot dog meat with other types of meat mixed in together with the artificial flavors. They were safe for dogs but humans didn’t like they were not the original recipe. People started to complain and started to buy them organic saUsages from PetCo instead of Bernie’s. Not many customers came to Bernie’s anymore.

Bernie started to use the original recipe again. She got her customers back. She never changed her recipe again, it was 100% natural and organic. Bernie became rich and famous from only one hot dog stand named “Hot Dog 670.”


One thought on “Bernie’s Hot Dog Stand

  1. Awesome. Great Job Max!! I can’t wait to read the next one.
    Love Uncle Adam

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