The Extraordinary Adventures of Max

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Bernie and Norman Secret Super Spies

One day, Bernie and Norman and their pets (who were inside of their dog packs) got inside of a big black spy truck and drove to a special location. They went to Mangia Pizzeria and they saw some suspicious people dressed in black who looked familiar. They got some pepperoni pizza and a calzone with just sauce and meat and left. They wrote some notes in their notebook. Then, they saw the suspicious figures heading to Shaws. At Shaws, Bernie and Norman bought some supplies and food and they kept watching the suspicious figures. The suspicious went to the last location, their base. The suspicious people went inside their base, which was Confidence Connection. The suspicious were actually the teachers dressed for Halloween! Bernie and Norman didn’t like Halloween because it was scary. So they went back home and finished their pizza and ate some kibble.

The End


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Bernie and Norman Get a Pet

One day, Bernie and Norman were very very bored. They wanted something to play with, so they went over to the pet store and got a pet chameleon. While they were there, they also got a ferret.  They took their new pets home but soon it was time to go to school! So, they decided to bring their new pets to school. They put them inside of their dogpacks with some food and crickets to eat. When they got to school, they brought out the pets and  checked to see how many insects were left. The teacher was very surprised and sent them down to the learning center with the pets. But there are no pets allowed in school so they were sent to the principal’s office. The principal said they were not allowed to have any pets in school, but they secretly hid the pets inside of their dog packs. 

The next day, they got to the pet store once again and they got a gecko and a parakeet. So, it was time for Thursday Confidence Connection group. They brought all of the pets with them to social group. They took them out without permission from Eve. The animals got loose and Bernie and Norman started a ruckus. The class got really messy! No more pets at Confidence Connection.

From then on, Bernie and Norman kept their pets in special room. They set up a webcam so they could keep an eye on them! 

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Bernie and Norman Go to Camp

One day, Bernie and Norman thought they were going to the dog park, when they pulled up, they saw a really big field and woods! They thought this was dog heaven! When they got out of the car, they saw children. They thought they were waiting for their parents to bring out their dogs so they could play. They put down their dog packs and they got ready to play. They saw the children playing a tag game in the field. Bernie and Norman wanted to join in. They asked the kids to join in and then they started to play. The kids were playing zombie tag and Bernie and Norman were having a good time.

The kids started to go inside so Bernie and Norman picked up their dog packs and went in too. The dogs were at Stonybrook Camp for April Vacation. Stonybrook Camp does lots of activities like, hiking, crafts and games. Bernie and Norman had a favorite camp activity called UFT, Unstructured Free Time. Next, they went over to the field and went fielding and ponding. Fielding is when you go insect catching. Ponding is when you look for water creatures with a net. Bernie and Norman chased butterflies and wanted to swim in the pond. They were having a great time!

After fielding and ponding, they went inside for crafts. Bernie and Norman do not like ANY of the indoor activities, including lunch. They thought it made their dog food too rotten. They also felt like being near creatures during lunchtime is not a good idea. Whenever Bernie and Norman went inside, they barked. 

Before they knew it, the day was over. At the end of the day at StonyBrook, they passed around a frog so each person could say what their favorite part of the day was. Bernie and Norman wanted to chew the frog, everybody started to laugh. Then it was time to go home. Bernie and Norman can’t wait to go back tomorrow and they hoped that they wouldn’t do any indoor activities! 


Bernie and Norman Go to School

One day, Bernie and Norman thought they were going to the dog park. Then they saw a ginormous yellow bus pull up to Max’s house and they were freaked out because they didn’t know what it was doing there. Then, they started to bark at the bus. Max said,  “Time to go outside!” Max walked them up to the bus stop and Bernie and Norman thought, “Why isn’t he driving us?!” Max got the dogs on the bus and they were fine with all of the other children. The dogs walked around and the bus driver told Bernie and Norman to, ” Sit down!” So they went back to their seats and talked to each other and ate some dog treats.

When they got to school, the doors opened up and Bernie saw that they were not at their house! Norman and Bernie got out and saw that Max wasn’t there either! Instead they saw strangers! They saw teachers and a bunch of children. Bernie was worried that she would never be able to go home again! Norman was worried too! The teachers came and said, “Aw some new students! Please come in to the building!” When they got inside, they went to their classrooms and Bernie and Normans’ aides were there. Their aides said, “You guys are going to the Learning Center right away to meet your teacher!” Bernie and Norman got upset and their teacher brought a Social Behavior Map for them to fill out. They did not want to do it. The teacher called BethAnne to come and help. When BethAnne got there, Bernie and Norman kept barking. BethAnne called the social psychologist to help. BethAnne sent Bernie and Norman to the principal’s office! Finally, the principal got them to fill out the Social Behavior Map and they went back to class.

While they were in class, they started to do work and they went back to the Learning Center. After they did all their work, it was trade-in time! It went well. Bernie and Norman earned some time together in the break area and they played with balls. Once their seven minutes was up, they barked to stay until the announcements came on! Soon, the aide said, “One more minute!” They started to bark. But the buses were coming and there was no time to fool around! Eventually, Bernie and Norman got on the bus.

Bernie and Norman wanted to stand up on the bus, but the bus driver kept saying, “Sit down! No switching seats!” When they got home, they looked in their folders and saw homework! They chewed it up because they did not want to do it! They put the pieces in Max’s closet. Max went to check on them and saw that the closet door was shut. Max checked to make sure they hadn’t chewed anything and discovered the mess in his closet! Max felt angry! Max made Bernie and Norman fill out a social behavior map! They promised not to do it again. Max can’t wait to find out how school goes tomorrow!

The End

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Bernie and Norman go to Social Group

One day, Bernie and Norman went into the car hoping to go to the dog park. When they got to the building, Bernie thought it was an indoor dog park, but when they got inside, Bernie saw a bunch of children. She thought they were waiting for their parents to bring the dogs in so they could play but then a person came in and asked for Bernie. Then Bernie thought it was doggy day care. She was excited to make new friends! When Bernie got in she realized it was actually social group and she started to bark once again… When Emily said it was time for social group, Bernie wanted to bite but Bernie and Norman started to bark.

When work started, Bernie ran out and was put into Eve’s office. Norman was also in Eve’s office. Max was in the waiting and feeling very bad. He wanted to take Bernie and Norman home, but he didn’t because they needed social group. They were having a pizza party. Bernie and Norman were upset because they didn’t like pizza and they wanted dog treats and hot dogs. 

Emily finally convinced the dogs to try pizza, they HATED it! So much that they never wanted pizza again. Emily had a good idea! She chopped the pizza up with hot dogs and dog treats, but the dogs still wouldn’t eat it. Soon, Emily said it was time for gym. Bernie and Norman were hoping there would be other dogs in there so they could play and meet new friends. They were tired of social group with other children.

After gym, it was time to go home! Bernie and Norman never wanted to go there again, so Max decided to take them to the dog park instead of social group, so they could make dog friends and be with their owners! 

The End