The Extraordinary Adventures of Max

Bernie and Norman go to Social Group

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One day, Bernie and Norman went into the car hoping to go to the dog park. When they got to the building, Bernie thought it was an indoor dog park, but when they got inside, Bernie saw a bunch of children. She thought they were waiting for their parents to bring the dogs in so they could play but then a person came in and asked for Bernie. Then Bernie thought it was doggy day care. She was excited to make new friends! When Bernie got in she realized it was actually social group and she started to bark once again… When Emily said it was time for social group, Bernie wanted to bite but Bernie and Norman started to bark.

When work started, Bernie ran out and was put into Eve’s office. Norman was also in Eve’s office. Max was in the waiting and feeling very bad. He wanted to take Bernie and Norman home, but he didn’t because they needed social group. They were having a pizza party. Bernie and Norman were upset because they didn’t like pizza and they wanted dog treats and hot dogs. 

Emily finally convinced the dogs to try pizza, they HATED it! So much that they never wanted pizza again. Emily had a good idea! She chopped the pizza up with hot dogs and dog treats, but the dogs still wouldn’t eat it. Soon, Emily said it was time for gym. Bernie and Norman were hoping there would be other dogs in there so they could play and meet new friends. They were tired of social group with other children.

After gym, it was time to go home! Bernie and Norman never wanted to go there again, so Max decided to take them to the dog park instead of social group, so they could make dog friends and be with their owners! 

The End 


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