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Bernie and Norman Go to Camp

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One day, Bernie and Norman thought they were going to the dog park, when they pulled up, they saw a really big field and woods! They thought this was dog heaven! When they got out of the car, they saw children. They thought they were waiting for their parents to bring out their dogs so they could play. They put down their dog packs and they got ready to play. They saw the children playing a tag game in the field. Bernie and Norman wanted to join in. They asked the kids to join in and then they started to play. The kids were playing zombie tag and Bernie and Norman were having a good time.

The kids started to go inside so Bernie and Norman picked up their dog packs and went in too. The dogs were at Stonybrook Camp for April Vacation. Stonybrook Camp does lots of activities like, hiking, crafts and games. Bernie and Norman had a favorite camp activity called UFT, Unstructured Free Time. Next, they went over to the field and went fielding and ponding. Fielding is when you go insect catching. Ponding is when you look for water creatures with a net. Bernie and Norman chased butterflies and wanted to swim in the pond. They were having a great time!

After fielding and ponding, they went inside for crafts. Bernie and Norman do not like ANY of the indoor activities, including lunch. They thought it made their dog food too rotten. They also felt like being near creatures during lunchtime is not a good idea. Whenever Bernie and Norman went inside, they barked. 

Before they knew it, the day was over. At the end of the day at StonyBrook, they passed around a frog so each person could say what their favorite part of the day was. Bernie and Norman wanted to chew the frog, everybody started to laugh. Then it was time to go home. Bernie and Norman can’t wait to go back tomorrow and they hoped that they wouldn’t do any indoor activities! 


One thought on “Bernie and Norman Go to Camp

  1. Hi Max- once again, ANOTHER great story! Stonybrook Camp seems like it’s a really fun place to be. Bernie and Norman are doing a good job getting along with all the kids and it seems the kids like having 2 dogs at camp with them.
    Keep up with the fantastic writing. I can’t wait to read the next story. Maybe one day, if you want, I can write a story with you. Maybe we can include my kitties, Midnite & Minnie and they meet Bernie & Norman and they all go to the waterpark because its such a hot day. Think about it, and let me know. We could have a lot of fun together writing a story.
    I hope I see you real soon.
    Auntie Susan xoxoxox

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