The Extraordinary Adventures of Max

Bernie and Norman Get a Pet

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One day, Bernie and Norman were very very bored. They wanted something to play with, so they went over to the pet store and got a pet chameleon. While they were there, they also got a ferret.  They took their new pets home but soon it was time to go to school! So, they decided to bring their new pets to school. They put them inside of their dogpacks with some food and crickets to eat. When they got to school, they brought out the pets and  checked to see how many insects were left. The teacher was very surprised and sent them down to the learning center with the pets. But there are no pets allowed in school so they were sent to the principal’s office. The principal said they were not allowed to have any pets in school, but they secretly hid the pets inside of their dog packs. 

The next day, they got to the pet store once again and they got a gecko and a parakeet. So, it was time for Thursday Confidence Connection group. They brought all of the pets with them to social group. They took them out without permission from Eve. The animals got loose and Bernie and Norman started a ruckus. The class got really messy! No more pets at Confidence Connection.

From then on, Bernie and Norman kept their pets in special room. They set up a webcam so they could keep an eye on them! 


One thought on “Bernie and Norman Get a Pet

  1. Another GREAT story, Max!! Keep up the AWESOME work! I love reading them, and I love you!
    Auntie Susan

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