The Extraordinary Adventures of Max

Bernie and Norman Secret Super Spies

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One day, Bernie and Norman and their pets (who were inside of their dog packs) got inside of a big black spy truck and drove to a special location. They went to Mangia Pizzeria and they saw some suspicious people dressed in black who looked familiar. They got some pepperoni pizza and a calzone with just sauce and meat and left. They wrote some notes in their notebook. Then, they saw the suspicious figures heading to Shaws. At Shaws, Bernie and Norman bought some supplies and food and they kept watching the suspicious figures. The suspicious went to the last location, their base. The suspicious people went inside their base, which was Confidence Connection. The suspicious were actually the teachers dressed for Halloween! Bernie and Norman didn’t like Halloween because it was scary. So they went back home and finished their pizza and ate some kibble.

The End


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