The Extraordinary Adventures of Max

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One day a little boy and girl went for a walk with their small friends, Hennie, Squawk and Bernie.  Hennie and Squack were really slow and Bernie was getting angry at how slow they were.  The little boy and girl told Bernie to be patient as the Hennie’s and squawk’s leg were really short.  Bernie, in a fit of rage and anger went after Hennie and Squawk.  He grabbed both of them by his mouth and flipped them high into the air.  Surprisingly, Hennie and Squawk landed right onto the back of Bernie.  Apparently Bernie, upset at how slow Hennie and Squawk were walking, decided that she would just carry them on her back.  The little boy and girl realized that Bernie was attacking Hennie and Squawk, but rather she was putting them her back to carry them.


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