The Extraordinary Adventures of Max

Bernie and Norman go to camp green lake

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one day Bernie and Norman saw a big black bus out came a mean looking man with a gun get in you pups you have been growing mushrooms with out a gardening license and you have been stealing food from restaurants and store also you farted in public and thats illegal so you too get on this here bus he said when the bus pulled up to the destination out came a woman with a cowboy hat saying to them group 8 so they went to group 8 were a person gave them brown jumpsuits a hat and a dog pack with an automatic  shovel controlled by there hats which were electric and read brain signals in it so the man said get digging if you see anything interesting the wander will give you the day off then a truck came the man said have some food and water then they kept diging till berine whimpered in aggney they stayed there for a year the end


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