The Extraordinary Adventures of Max

The end of cadence connection part 2 and normans food therpie

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the swat team came in and side you guys called about kidnaping and did you escape from camp green lake they side no calie came over and side abs behavior solutions now has an office berine was not happy a teacher called joann took norman to food therapy and berine was sent back home at food therapy they started off with a different brand of hot dog next they tried a brautwurst  then they tried a breakfast sausage norman thout they were all ht dogs from frankies next they tried a chili dog norman liked it then they tried plain chili with hot dog slisded in it norman was happy then they took out some letice and put it on top of a vegan hot dog from bobs norman refused to eat it then joann gave norman some of the vegan hot dog on its own then he tried the lettuce he liked them bouth a lot then they gave him the vegan hot dog with lettuce on it he liked it then they tred brussle spurtts sesond with parm and salt and pepper norman hated it then joann gave norman some of the parm cheese cut ito bite sized pecise he liked it then he tried the brussle sptoruts on its own he spit it out then he tried sesond with the parm he liked it then joann told him it was time for stop your cravings class  joann put on a shock cooler  and let him in bethann told him to choose the best opion one was a frankies hot dog the other was a flower child vegan hot dog toped with lettuce norman choose the frankies hot dog and was shocked then he had to choose between kfc with mwten dew or a meat lovers sapid which was lettuce and veggies with meat tossed in and a hethey smoothie norman couse the kfc and got shocked agin next norman had to choose form his favret gorgonzola cheese and a bacon flavored dog treat norman picked the gorgonzola cheese and he didn’t get shocked next bethan side it was time for him to go in room v and hour later norman became a vegan hippie who was vegan and only ate healthy foods when norman came back he offered berine a caret bernie side now and now she went to food therpie


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